Scamosceria Astico was founded right in this period:
Pietro Bettanin, man of extraordinary initiative and foresight, built his first tannery in Thiene in 1951.
Pietro was one of those men who had the ambition to rebuild his country and ensure a future to his family.
At that time, he was also inspired by the passion of his young son Giuseppe,
who had worked for a year in a tannery of the area and dreamt of building a new company according to his innovative ideas.
The young Giuseppe was a clever and curious man, eager to discover the secrets of the art of making leather.
His passion took him to Leverkusen, in a destroyed Germany, where he worked and attended a chemistry course at Bayer,
the multinational chemical company.



Scamosceria Astico is a family business
characterized by a long tradition which allows the company to leverage its know-how
and lessons learned over the course of four generations.
The company was built on values of integrity,
respect of the individual and of the territory,
and on a relentless dedication to the Client.



Our mission is providing our clients with a seamless service
and creating and nurturing long-term business relationships with them:
we aspire to always be truly synergic partners to them.
Our mission is contributing to our clients’ success,
by constantly offering new ideas to succeed in a continuously changing market.



Innovation and research are an integral part of Astico’s DNA.
The company is committed to a continual upgrading of its production plants
and technology in order to provide clients with products that are up to date
with the latest fashion trends and that meet the needs of the final consumer.



Every year Astico invests in the research of alternative solutions
for processing leather in a sustainable way towards the environment.
The use of renewable energy sources has been a core aspect of the company strategy for many years.
Since 2010 Astico has been completely self-sufficient
from an electricity consumption point of view,
thanks to the installation of a modern solar panel station.



Our collection specifically targets three different sectors:
upholstery, footwear and leather goods.
Each collection offers a set of products
designed to meet the highest technical standards
which change from industry to industry.