In the aftermath of World War II, Italy was destroyed by the intense bombing attacks and horrors experienced during the war. The young generation of Italians at the time, had to cope with the great responsibility of rebuilding their country: from houses and infrastructures to the traditional artisanal workshops and industrial complexes. Despite the distressing and painful times, Italians started to nurture a growing optimism and desire to succeed, preparing the country to become one of the world’s largest economies.
During this tragic years, few resourceful men created new enterprises, that still today comprises a good part of the Italian industrial scene. Few men were able to create jobs out of dust and generated wealth for their city and country.
The area around Vicenza, in the north-east of Italy, hosted an old and lively tradition of leather crafting, mainly made up of small artisanal workshops. It was only in the 1940s, however, that a handful of young and energetic entrepreneurs gave life to the famous leather district of the Vicenza province, as we know it today.

Scamosceria Astico was founded right in this period: Pietro Bettanin, man of extraordinary initiative and foresight, built his first tannery in Thiene in 1951. Pietro was one of those men who had the ambition to rebuild his country and ensure a future to his family. At that time, he was also inspired by the passion of his young son Giuseppe, who had worked for a year in a tannery of the area and dreamt of building a new company according to his innovative ideas. The young Giuseppe was a clever and curious man, eager to discover the secrets of the art of making leather. His passion took him to Leverkusen, in a destroyed Germany, where he worked and attended a chemistry course at Bayer, the multinational chemical company.
Since the early years of activity, Scamosceria Astico specialized in the treatment of bovine split leather, building a technological know-how that is still recognized in the global markets today.
Between the 1980s and 1990s, Astico experienced the third generational change within the Bettanin family, through Giuseppe’s siblings Pietro and Elisa. The new generation brought the company forward and developed an expertise in the application of eco-friendly polyurethane films on split leather. Additionally, Astico started specializing in the treatment of full grain leather for upholstery, footwear and leather goods.
Over 65 years of history, the specialization in the treatment of bovine hides has become a company and family tradition. Today, the accumulated know-how and the continuous effort towards innovation represent Astico’s successful ingredients which established the company in the international markets and made it famous as producer of high quality “Made in Italy” leather.



Scamosceria Astico is a family business characterized by a long tradition which allows the company to leverage its know-how and lessons learned over the course of four generations. The company was built on values of integrity, respect of the individual and of the territory, and on a relentless dedication to the Client. This culture enables us to manage the increasingly demanding challenges in the global markets which requires a close relationship with clients and a deep understanding of their needs. Astico is a dynamic firm capable of thinking and living clients as a partners in order to help them solving problems, offering them a total quality approach, cutting-edge technology, a quick customized service and creativity.
From a quality perspective, organizational processes and state-of-the-art technology are well integrated. Any production lot is consistently tested in order to meet the best standards required by the leather final user. The quality of the finished product is also verified by the most qualified European Institutes , like Satra Technology Center – to whom we are associated since 2002 – where products are tested according to EN, UNI and BS standards.
A relentless innovation in the new collections, from both a technological and aesthetic point of view, is a compulsory requirement in a market in constant change and closely linked to the evolution of fashion trends. We continuously strive for our clients’ success – ultimately their success is our success.



Our mission is providing our clients with a seamless service and creating and nurturing long-term business relationships with them: we aspire to always be truly synergic partners to them. Our mission is contributing to our clients’ success, by constantly offering new ideas to succeed in a continuously changing market. We firmly believe that this philosophy of working allows us to grow as a firm; enables our employees to grow within a culture of respect and responsibility; allows us to create value for our country for the generations to come. Our mission is becoming an Italian excellence in the production of “Made in Italy” leather, recognized by markets worldwide.




Innovation and research are an integral part of Astico’s DNA. The company is committed to a continual upgrading of its production plants and technology in order to provide clients with products that are up to date with the latest fashion trends and that meet the needs of the final consumer.
The company is specialized into the treatment of leather starting from “wet blue” hides, which are then re-tanned and finished internally. Astico is therefore committed to improve every stage of production through a continuous investment in modern machineries and lean processes.


Every year Astico invests in the research of alternative solutions for processing leather in a sustainable way towards the environment.
The use of renewable energy sources has been a core aspect of the company strategy for many years. Since 2010 Astico has been completely self-sufficient from an electricity consumption point of view, thanks to the installation of a modern solar panel station.